Contractor in WDIS

WDIS is a dynamic purchasing system that makes it easier to issue mini-offers without compromising with EU procurement legislation. WDIS is an electronic platform that focuses on dynamic purchasing as a procurement method, and it facilitates a fully digitalised process. The platform excels at handling commonly used purchases, mini-offers and categories where re-issuing of procurement is a large expense. By utilising the WDIS-platform, there will be noticeable improvements in the efficiency, reduced resource consumption and increased security in regard to procurement procedures – both legally, logistically and electronically.

Benefits as contractor

As contractor on the WDIS-platform, you can look forward to the following services and benefits:

  • Individual styling and adjustment of the system
  • A completely digital process – from issue to purchase
  • Integration in already existing financial systems, e-commerce system etc.
  • Electronic logging and document management
  • A possibility of creating templates for mini-offers
  • Management of mini-offers as a webservice
  • No demands for re-issuing of procurement every 4 years
  • Continuous admission of suitable tenderers to preserve the competition
  • Technical support hotline for the platform.

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