What is a dynamic purchasing system?

All public authorities can utilise dynamic purchasing system as an adroit and quick procurement method. The method has been created in order to handle commonly used purchases, where there is a continuous need or smaller ad hoc task that may occur.

All of this is facilitated through mini-offers that requires less bureaucracy than regular framework agreements. Mini-offers can even be created as templates to make recurring tasks more efficient, as you will not have to go through all the steps again. Furthermore, there is no time limit on the mini-offers, which means that they can last longer than the 4 years that a regular framework agreement lasts.

The benefits of utilising a dynamic purchasing system

Here, you can see a list of the benefits you will get by utilising Procurement Institute’s dynamic purchasing system for your procurements:

  • An easy, efficient and reliable procurement procedure
  • A possibility of both issuing mini-offers and invitations to tender
  • An economical and resource efficient solution
  • A categorised database that ensures that only relevant tenders will be submitted
  • An organised platform that makes it easy to handle mini-offers, tenders and framework agreements
  • Continuous admission of suitable tenderers to preserve the competition
  • No re-issuing of procurement every 4 years as there is no time limit in the system
  • A larger variety of tenderers
  • An easier way to engage in co-operations with small and medium sized enterprises
  • A possibility of making decentralised purchases
  • A possibility for legal consideration of local interests.