About WDIS

What is WDIS?

Whale24 has developed WDIS, which is a dynamic purchasing system. WDIS is a tool, which has been designed to simplify and optimise public procurement. This is done though a digitalised organisation of procedures, which organises which mini-offers that you have issued or submitted tenders on. Furthermore, the WDIS-platform shows you how far you are in the tendering process. All in correspondance with current legislation.

You can either be contractor or tenderer on the platform. As contractor, you are a public authority with procurement needs and as tenderer, you are supplier. By utilising the dynamic purchasing system and our platform for procurement procedures, you get a fast, less complex and economic solution – both in connection with time and resources. This is due to the reduction of the amount of tender documentation that needs to be prepared and filled in before the beginning of the procedure – in comparison with EU procurement.

About Whale24

Whale24 creates value with a dynamic purchasing system – primarily for public authorities.

Through a digital platform, Whale24 offers an attractive solution – both in regard to the resource consumption, the efficiency, the quality and also the economy – in the form of the tendering procedure called dynamic purchasing system. This is all consistent with the idea of a digital single market, which is a part of the Europan Commission’s Europe 2020 Strategy.

Whale24 constantly develops and improves the platform in close co-operation with our customers. This is done in order to secure an optimised platform that makes the procurement method dynamic purchasing system easy for you.

The platform has been created on an interdisciplinary foundation consisting of expertise within the fields of digitalised working procedures, data processing and procurement legislation. Our platform makes it easy for you to navigate in the legal aspects of public procurement – both in Denmark and the EU. This also means that our platform lives up to the highest standards within data security and data processing.