Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) that we receive at Whale24. 

How do I utilise the WDIS-platform?

Download the pdf-file below in order to get an overall manual about the usage of the WDIS-platform:


What is ESPD?

ESPD is an acronym for The Single European Procurement Document, which is a self-declaration of a company's:

  • Financial status
  • Qualifications – both technical and professional 
  • Eligibility in connection with compitition
  • Eligibility in connection with public procurement procedures.


The document is available in all EU-languages, and it is utilised as preliminary proof of one's eligibility in connection with public procurement procedures in EU. ESPD-documents has enabled an easier and more efficient bidding, as tenderers no longer have to go through an extensive process that involves filling out multiple forms and documents.

Fill in ESPD here!


The European Commission has a free webservice where tenderers and other parties can fill in ESPD electronically. When the ESPD has been filled in, it must be appended to the tender to the contractor. This is done in order to deliver documentation on enterprises' eligibility  to meet the standards and requirements set up for the mini-offer.

The safety of ESPD

ESPD also ensures that if a tenderer issues false information, withhold information or is unable to supplement with addidtional documentation, the respective tenderer will be excluded from the procedure or prosecuted. This ensures a fair and rightful procurement for all parties.

Fill in ESPD here!

How do I fill in an ESPD?

Whale24 (supplier of the WDIS platform) can offer to help you with this. Furthermore, The European Commission has provided you with instructions, which you can find below.

Read more about ESPD here!

Is ESPD only utilised on this platform and for dynamic purchasing?

No, ESPD is utilised in many scenarios in connection with procurement procedures.

How will I be informed of new mini-offers?

When new mini-offers appear in the system that you as a tenderer is eligible to bid on, you will both get a notification in the WDIS-system and an email. You may then decide if you want to submit a tender to the mini-offer.  

How can I reapply as tenderer if rejected?

Follow the instructions below, after you have corrected documents or other reasons justified in the rejection:

  1. Log in to the platform with your existing username and password
  2. Select Entities in the menu to the left
  3. Select Apply to several …
  4. Find the contractor on the list
  5. Tick the new (extra) categories
  6. Click Next at the bottom right of the page
  7. Upload new ESPD by clicking Upload ESPD (if required by the contracting entity)
  8. Upload New Service Certificate or other documents by clicking Upload other document (if required)
  9. Attach ESPD by clicking Select File under the tab called Attach ESPD
  10. Attach other documents by clicking Select File under the tab called Attach other document
  11. Finish by clicking Send information at the bottom right of the page
  12. A receipt box will now appear on the screen, and the application for new categories has been sent to the contracting entity.

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