Tenderer in WDIS

Tenderers within the WDIS-platform are enterprises that wants to submit a tender on mini-offers issued by public authorities on the platform. A dynamic purchasing system also means better competition and availability on the market for public procurement. The platform makes it easier for local enterprises to submit tenders on procurement procedures, as all suitable tenderers can submit their tender on the respective mini-offer. The dynamic purchasing system, thereby, gives the contractor a possibility of strengthening the local market whilst preserving the competition on its mini-offers. Furthermore, the trade between public authorities and enterprises has been simplified.

As tenderer, it is easy, fast and free to become part of the dynamic purchasing system. In addition, you do not have to fill in a larger amount of tender documentation, as the system does not have the same demands as e.g. EU procurement. All you have to do is to fill in an ESPD-docoment, which shall secure your suitability to perform the various services that the public authorities need.

Benefits as tenderer

As tenderer on the WDIS-platform, you can look forward to the following services and benefits:

  • A fast and easy admission to the platform
  • It is free to become and be a tenderer in WDIS
  • An economical and resource efficient solution
  • A smaller amount of tender documentation that needs to be filled in
  • It is easier to engage in co-operations with public authorities
  • A categorised platform that makes submitting tenders easy
  • Access to mini-offers that suits the categories that your enterprise can deliver services within
  • Securing fair and preserved competition.

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